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As When In Season    POETRY SERIES

Marick Press aims to publish the writings of best poets currently at work in English language and around the world. Our authors reside in places as diverse as California, Alaska, Chile and Poland. Marick poets include Pulitzer-prize winning authors of international repute as well as talented first-time authors. The only criteria Marick Press has in publishing is excellence.
Ediciones Araucarias   ARAUCARIA SERIES

The Araucaria Series focuses in the work of Latin-American writers in English or Spanish. This series primary's commitment is to publish books of poetry, fiction or non-fiction by innovative thinkers, established and emerging Latin-American writers and introduce them into the American market.


This series aims to bring to our readers the work of great poets from around the world. Marick Press publish the work of already established classics and new voices who are currently at work on changing the poetics around the world. We believe that great poetry deserves many translations and thus aim to bring various different voices in our series.


This series publishes work that is passionate, artful, formally appropriate to its content and will stand up to luxurious re-readings over many years. While some of these books may feel like prose written by poets, others may feel like bullets shot from a pent up, manic gun. New and established authors from America and the rest of the world.

Witness of Music   NON-FICTION SERIES

Marick Press seeks thoughtful, exciting memoirs and scholarly works that enhance the pursuit of knowledge. We publish memoirs, critical literacy, educational works with quality rather than sales potential. We devote our efforts to publish the highest quality for our niche audience.

Our Homage's series will provide American readers with collections of responses, both critical and creative, to the work of poets who we believe are great masters like Paul Celan, Osip Mandelstam, etc. Our purpose is to celebrate their work while providing a new perspective, critical and creative, for future generations of readers.


Our Lakeshore Series will provide American readers with collections of creative work of writers from the  Detroit and Grosse Pointes areas. Many well known names in the cultural and literary life of America came from Grosse Pointe and Detroit, names like Joyce Carol Oates, Kevin Boyles, Henry Ford, Edison, Wright brothers, Francis Ford Coppola, Charles A. Lindbergh, Diana Ross, Bob Seger, Steven Seagal, John T. Parsons, Philip Levine, John C. Sheehan, Theodore Roethke, Gloria Whelan, Marianne Williamson, Jeffrey Eugenides, and many more!!!!!!!!! Our purpose is to celebrate their work while providing a new perspective, critical and creative, for future generations of readers.



Poets Follies Reading Series will be held at the Ewald Branch Library in Grosse Pointe Park, 15175 East Jefferson Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230, 313-886-2051, usually on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm.

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Sept24The Poets’ Follies Reading Series, sponsored by Marick Press and The Oakland University Writing Center, will feature the poetry of David Young, Todd Swift and Jason Storms at 6:30PM. The reading will be followed by a question and answer session.
Wednesday September 24, 2014
6:30PM, Room 212, Kresge Library at Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309 
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