White Holes      

James Hart III

Paperback - September 2006
80 Pages
ISBN: 0-9779703-1-0
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White Holes is a sequence of poems that attempts to give speech, broken as it might be, to the grief that is felt in the wake of a mother's death. Here, in Hart's left-behind world, what isn't said — what can't be said — carries as much weight as what is said. There is a delicate balance in these poems between language and articulation and the fractured space, both psychic and visible, that must be entered and accounted for in the aftermath of the mother's absence. It was Beckett who made the claim: “you must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on.” No other book of poems, no other poet, in recent years, seizes hold of this declaration and makes from it an artifact that is both holy and wholly his own.

About the Author, James Hart III

James Hart III James Hart III lives in southwest Detroit. Currently he has published two manuscripts: the watchable book, weightless language press (03) and white holes Marick (06). Forthcoming is high-coup, Slack Buddha Press (10). His work has appeared in Dispatch, volumes 6 (03) and 7 (04) Door Jamb Press, Past Tents Press on line anthology, The Cafe Review (ME) summer of (06) He also has work forthcoming in the M.O.C.A.D journal. He is the director and editor of white print inc, a new avant garde Detroit press dedicated to emerging and unknown writers, amongst well established poets from Detroit and beyond. He curates The Woodward-Line series, a nationally visible venue in its seventh year. In (01) he corresponded with Jacques Derrida, who expressed great interest in his work.


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