Daniel Padilla

Paperback - September 2006
80 Pages
ISBN: 0-9779703-2-9
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Solute is a first book by a young poet who is, as it says in one poem, standing "at the threshold of desire." Desire, to want, is the verb of choice in Padilla's world, a desire to feel, a desire to be dangerous, a desire to be loved, to be understood, to be connected with others, a desire to find oneself whole in this world, not to mention the poet's own need, his "hunger for ink," to make from this desire an artifact of language charged with meaning.

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About the Author, Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla Daniel Padilla studied writing at Albion College in Albion, Mich., University of Detroit-Mercy and Washburn University in Topeka, KS., and in several workshops. Also an artist specializing in pastel drawing, his writing is also enhanced by his studies of the visual arts in the streets, galleries and museums locally and throughout the United States as well as in Central America, South America and Europe. He lives and works in his studio in Plymouth.



"Even when Padilla’s speakers prove to find themselves immobile, or unmoving, as in “Wanderlust,” even in this static state the body still exists, there is the “I am” of presence, and through it all, even at its darkest hour, the heart still seeks: “my body/ambitious/desire.” Here in these poems, here in this world, “a light remains.” This is a book that, standing at the center of it all, speaking out to us from the heart”s deepest desire, is a voice that conjures up and paints for us a portrait of the artist as a young man, a young man who is a young poet who, like a child who sees more of the world than us adults do with our tired eyes, “build[s]/ ideas/ in a sandbox/ hoping for rain.”



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““Nothing good ever comes of love. What comes of love is always something better”
― Roberto Bolaño