The Call to Destroy Nixon

by Pablo Neruda

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The Call to Destroy Nixon

by Pablo Neruda

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Publication Date: Fall 2019
128 Pages
ISBN13: 978-1-934851-71-5 
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[F]rom time to time I must be a bard of public service, which is to say that I must give the lumberjack, the shepherd, the bricklayer, the farm-hand, the gasfitter or any poor foot soldier, the power to break free with a clean punch or to release the madness like flames from his ears. - from Neruda's Introduction”

About the Author, Pablo Neruda

hunthspace=10Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), born in Parral, Chile, was one of the most influential poets of the 20th Century. Among his most celebrated books are Twenty Love Poems and One Poem of Despair, Canto General, Residence on the Earth, and Elemental Odes. His notoriety led to his diplomatic appointments to Burma, Spain, France, and Mexico. In Spain during the Spanish Civil War, he was inspired to join the Communist Party, and for decades he remained continually active in public service and poetry, until the Communist Party of Chile nominated him for president in 1971. He withdrew in order to unite the leftist vote behind the Socialist Party candidate, Salvador Allende. As president, Allende appointed Neruda ambassador to France where he was living when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970. Due to ailing health and political unrest in Chile, he returned to Isla Negra and completed his final book, The Call to Destroy Nixon, in January of 1973. In September, just days after General Pinochet’s military takeover of Chile (with substantial support from Nixon’s administration), President Allende was executed, and Pablo Neruda died in his house, his death greatly accelerated by Pinochet’s soldiers who refused him medical attention. His funeral procession quickly swelled into an impromptu political demonstration. ”

About the Translator, Chad Sweeney

hunthspace=10Chad Sweeney is the author of six books of poetry, most recently Little Million Doors (Nightboat Books) and White Martini of the Apocalypse (Marick Press) and two books of translation, The Art of Stepping Through Time: Selected Poems of Iranian poet, H.E. Sayeh (White Pine, with Mojdeh Marashi) and The Call to Destroy Nixon (Marick Press), and two edited editions. Sweeney holds a Ph.D. in English / Creative Writing from Western Michigan University and an M.F.A. from San Francisco State University. He is an associate professor of English at California State University San Bernardino. ”



Praise for Previous Work

“Like one in love
I have come back from a painful separation
to touch the sun and air and sea of Chile . . .
from far away I heard your drum,
and nervously approached your house,
and was overcome with grief!”  










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