Fifth Most Wanted Man

The Fifth Most Wanted Man 

by Giuseppe Bartoli

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The Fifth Most Wanted Man by Giuseppe Bartoli

Publication Date: Spring 2016
94 Pages
ISBN13: 978-1-934851-64-7 
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Beppe Bartoli is an extraordinary poet, with an almost-unbelievable back story and series of linguistic and cultural identities, all of which he plays with in a poetic manner reminiscent of Pesoa, Borges, and Muldoon and, sometimes, his Scottish master Douglas Dunn. In this thrilling collection, which reads at times like a True Crime paperback, we trace his life as a child on the run with his father, a white collar criminal at one time on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list; experience life under bodyguard protection in a Peru torn apart by internal conflict and terrorism; and slowly see him grow to seek a life, and sense of forgiveness, despite all the wounds he received in the years of volatile exile and constant peril. These are lyrically sophisticated, smart, and often darkly comic poems of assured brilliance.

About the Author, Giuseppe Bartoli

hunthspace=10Giuseppe Bartoli is a Peruvian-Italian-American poet, novelist, and writer currently residing between Bromley, Kent, and Lima, Peru. An avid world-traveller, he has had the privilege to live in Scotland, England, Peru, Chile, Italy, France, Spain, and Argentina. While reading International Communications and History at AUP [the American University of Paris] his first collection of poems, Excerpts of Life, was published in 2003 in Maryland, USA. However, it was not until he transferred to the University of St Andrews the following year that he began working on his second collection of poems [and first in Spanish] Las Veinticinco (Horas), which was not to be published until 2009 in Lima, Peru. Inspired by both the advice and tutelage of Douglas Dunn, he dabbled with endless poetic forms until finding a voice that suited his personas both in English and Spanish. After a brief stint studying a triple masters in managements in Lyon, Giuseppe returned to the UK and completed an MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University where he is now reading a Creative Writing Ph.D. on the Uruguayan poet Delmira Agustini. Since arriving in London, some of his most recent poems have appeared in issues of Poetry Scotland, Poetry Quarterly, Your One Phone Call, and Oxfam’s poetic anthology Lung Jazz. Following five years of not publishing a book, 2016 will see Giuseppe launch three projects, in three countries, in two languages: The Fifth Most Wanted Man with Marick Press in Detroit, USA, Ayacucho: Death’s Corner [his first novel] with Eyewear Publishing in London, UK, and Los Usos Indebidos del Amor with Editorial Apogeo in Lima, Peru.


“Poetry about the most ordinary things: when children’s Lego rhymes with ammo, keeping moving is the precondition for making a home, and blood relatives have blood on their hands, Giuseppe Bartoli still finds love in Paris, voices to unwrap from the fishy inadequacy of newspapers, and the darkest of humor in the situations least brought to light. Do not expect the select and self-edited anecdote. Here the personal and political partner-dance on the tilting ground of recent history. ” — Vahni Capildeo  









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