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Call me Noah

by Lennart Sjögren

Translated by Göran Malmqvist

“...a magnifi cent poem
...with the language scaled
to the innermost,
Call me Noah occasionally owns
almost self-clarifying clarity.”
—Magnus Bremmer, Svenska Dagbladet  







Earthly Lexicon
Selected Poems and Prose

by Regina Derieva

The Russian poet Regina Derieva
was born in Odessa on the Black Sea,
and enjoyed the shifting rhythms of the sea:
"Water is the ideal apparel. However many times
you get into it, it's the same".  







The Call to
Destroy Nixon

by Pablo Neruda

translated by Chad Sweeney

[F]rom time to time I must be
a bard of public service,
which is to say that
I must give the lumberjack,
the shepherd, the bricklayer, the farm-hand,
the gasfitter or any poor foot soldier,
the power to break free with a clean punch
or to release the madness
like flames from his ears.  







Unseen Isles and
Other Poems

by Robin Fulton Macpherson

Since 1973 Robin Fulton's home base
has been in Norway and
in the decades since
he has built a solid reputation
as a translator of Scandinavian poets,
such as Tomas Tranströmer,
Kjell Espmark,
Harry Martinson and
Olav H. Hauge.  





  • Call Me Noah by Lennart Sjogren

  • Earthly Lexicon by Regina Derieva

  • Call to Destroy Nixon by Pablo Neruda

  • Unseen Isles and Other Poems by Robin Fulton Macpherson


 Bunker Anatomy

Christophe Claro

Translated by Brian Evenson

Publication Date: Fall 2010
110 Pages
ISBN13:  978-1-934851-23-4
USD $16.95 + Shipping

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About the Author, Christophe Claro  

Claro1 Born in Paris in 1962, Claro is the author of more than a dozen works of fiction, among them Livre xix (1997), Chair Éléctrique (2003, translated by Brian Evenson into English as Electric Flesh), Madman Bovary (2008), and a collection of essays Le Clavier cannibale (2009). His most recent book CosmoZ combines elements of The Wizard of Oz with the history of destruction from World War I to the detonation of the atom bomb in Hiroshima. He is also, notably, the translator of William T. Vollmann, William H. Gass, Salman Rushdie, Richard Powers and others. He co-edits Le Cherche Midi press’s “Lot 49” series. 

About the Translator, Brian Evenson  

EvensonBrian Evenson is the author of ten books of fiction, most recently the limited edition novella Baby Leg, the novel Last Days (which won the American Library Association’s award for Best Horror Novel of 2009) and the story collection Fugue State, all published in 2009. His work has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Slovenian. He directs Brown University’s Literary Arts Program.


"Bunker Anatomy is a witty treatise from the book’s beginning to its end. It is also an unwaveringly original work with a singularly unique voice. Deeply creepy, profound and perfectly cataclysmic.
- Viken Berberian, author of the novels "The Cyclist" and "Das Kapital"

"When I was a child I used to dream about a lady with snakes in her hair. After I grew up a little I learned her name was Medusa, and now that I have read Claro’s new book I know not only about the snakes she has on top of her head but also the ones she has inside her brain. I think sometimes they’re in mine too, and probably, if you’ve picked up this new Brian Evenson translation to read, in yours as well. The bloody, dark old Greeks may have invented her and her myopic cohort in obsession, Cyclops, but Claro reanimates them for our even darker, far more bloody selves. I’m glad, in a kind of wide-eyed-at-the-horrible-wisdom way this book is around to read. But I’m also glad I didn’t have to dream it. Claro did and he’s come back from the dark and deep to tell us."
- Rebecca Brown, author of The Gifts of the Body and Excerpts from a Family Medical Dictionary


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